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RAF provides a full spectrum of fabrication experience and capabilities. From raw material, to finished product, RAF offers tight manufacturing controls ensuring the highest quality products. 

We utilize our extensive experience in many exotic metals including titanium, zirconium, and tantalum. In addition, the more common metals fabricated include the full range of stainless steel alloys, aluminum, copper, nickel, and carbon steel. Products manufactured may include a variety of dissimilar metals, fabricated using proprietary technologies for welding, bonding and cladding.


• Carbon and Alloy Steels

• S.S. 300 and 400 Series

• Titanium

• Zirconium

• Monel

• Hastelloy

• Copper

• Aluminum

• Tool Steels

• Plastics and

  Non-Conductive Materials


• Tig, Mig, Plasma, Sub-Arc

• 2G and 6G Pressure Vessel Code


• Tanks and Vessels - C.S., S.S., Titanium, Rubber Lined

• Structural Assemblies - C.S., S.S., Painted

• Anodes and Cathodes - C.S., S.S., Titanium, Rubber Lined

• Heat Exchangers - Titanium, Zirconium, Aluminum

• Bussing Systems - CU., Aluminum

• Mold & Die Repair - A, O, D, H, P, M steels

• Tooling Repair - Cutters, Boring Bars, Tool Holders

• Piping Systems - C.S., S.S., Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy

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